Low Voltage Dimmer Switch (Hand Wave)


BS012 is a hand wave activated IR sensor switch. Wave your hands in front of the switch to turn on/off the light.

The touchless waving sensor switch can control DC12V/24V LED lighting products, such as LED cabinet lights, LED rigid bar, LED strip lights.

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Hand Wave Touchless Sensor Switch BS012

  1. Wave your hand to turn on the light
  2. Wave your hand to turn off the light

Features, Benefits, Specs

Features & Benefits

  • Hand Waving On/Off: The sensor switch is activated by hands waving. When you wave your hand toward the sensor, the LED lights will turn on automatically. Wave again, and the lights turn off.
  • Sensor Distance: Make sure to mount the sensor within a 15cm(5.9in) range.
  • Easy to Install: The waving motion switch comes with adhesive tape for mounting to any clean, flat surface.
  • Widely Used: The hand waving sensor switch can be virtually everywhere, such as under a cabinet, cupboard, shelf, counter, wardrobe, etc. Non-waterproof, indoor only.



Input Voltage


Max load current


Output Voltage

DC 12V /DC 24V



Cable Length

input cable 100mm, output cable 200mm

Sensor Type

IR Sensor



Sensor Distance

Within 15cm

rz021 occupancy vacanccy sensor switch residential appliction

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