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Experience the convenience and security of automatic lighting control with Rayzeek's motion sensor switches. Our motion sensor switches are designed to detect movement in a room and automatically turn the lights on and off, saving energy and adding a level of comfort and safety to your space. They are perfect for spaces where hands-free lighting control is desired or where light control based on room occupancy is needed. Choose from a variety of styles and technologies to match your needs and decor. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Rayzeek's reliable and easy-to-install motion sensor switches.

Learn how Rayzeek guarantees your satisfaction with our rigorously tested motion sensor switches.

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Key Features of Rayzeek Motion Sensor Switches

Universally Compatible

Our motion sensor switches are universally compatible, designed for all lighting types. They combine occupancy and vacancy sensors with a unique toggle feature, enabling operation like a manual switch, ensuring convenience and energy efficiency.

For Global Users

Embrace the convenience of our motion sensor switches, designed for users in all regions. We offer models compatible with electrical box sizes worldwide, ensuring seamless installation for US, UK, and EU standards. Experience effortless lighting control, tailored to your region.

Versatile Wiring

Experience the versatility of our motion sensor switches. With innovative 2-wire and standard 3-wire, 4-wire options, installation is a breeze. Accommodating a broad voltage range, our switches ensure optimal performance, making lighting control effortless and efficient.

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More About Motion Sensor Light Switches

What Is a Motion Sensor Light Switch

A motion sensor light switch is a wall switch integrated with a motion sensor that can automatically turn the light on or off when the motion sensor detects people or moving objects. Motion sensor light switches commonly use a PIR motion sensor to detect motion for its low energy consumption, friendly cost, and durability.

Motion Sensor Light Switch Features

  • Occupancy Mode: In occupancy mode, the motion sensor light switch turns on the light automatically when the PIR motion sensor detects people in the room and automatically turns off the light when it cannot detect people in the room.
  • Vacancy Mode: In vacancy mode, light can be only turned on manually by people first, and the motion sensor switch will turn off the light when the sensor detects there are no people in the room.
  • Light Sensor: The light sensor or ambient light features can make the light only turn on when the ambient light is dark enough. This can prevent the sensor switch turning the light in the daytime when three is enough natural light.
  • Time Delay: Time delay keeps the light on for an additional period of time even when the room is empty. A proper time delay such as 5 minutes can keep the light consistent and prevent the sudden light offs.
  • Sensitivity: The sensor sensitivity allows users to adjust how far or how sensitive the motion sensor can detect motions.

Why Choose Rayzeek Motion Sensor Light Switches

  • Innovative Manual ON/OFF Mode: Rayzeek motion sensor light switches introduces an innovative manual ON/OFF mode which allows users to use the sensor switch the same as a regular light switch. When in ON/OFF mode, you can keep the light always on or off as long as you need and it’s extremely simple: only press a button.
  • Occupancy, Vacancy and Manual Mode All in One: Rayzeek motion sensor switches combine occupancy sensor, vacancy sensor mode and manual mode all in one. Users only need to buy sensor switch for all their applications.
  • Easy Programming: All programming and adjustment can be done by pressing buttons without the need to uncover the wall plate.
  • Perfect for Replacement: The broad voltage from 110V to 277V . The RZ021 series US standard motion sensor switch is available in both neutral wire required and no neutral wire required(ground required) type which can meet the requirement of most US homes.

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