DC Motion Sensor BS010


The BS010 is a low voltage DC12-30V motion sensor switch which uses advanced passive infrared sensor(PIR) and MCU control. It can automatically turn lights on by detecting heat emitted from the motion, and turn off automatically if no movement is detected. Widely applied on the Motion-activated lighting, LED strips Security System, automatic sensory device and more.

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DC Motion Sensor BS010

When people enter the sensing range, the motion sensor will output a voltage equal to the input voltage, and after the delay time, it will output 0V. During the delay time, if a motion is detected, the delay time will reset and start a new delay time.
rayzeek bs010 dc sensor, dimmer

Features, Benefits, Specs

rayzeek bs010 dc sensor dimmer size

Features & Benefits

  • Motion activated: You can use this small motion sensor switch to control lighting like LED strip lights.
  • Light Sensor: This allows you to let the motion sensor function only in pre-set ambient brightness conditions.
  • Delay Time: The delay time controls how long the light stays on once it gets triggered. During the delay time, if motion is detected, the delay time will reset.
  • Sensitivity: The sensitivity controls how far you are able to activate the sensor.
  • Wide Applications: You can use this sensor on different occasions like entryway lighting, cabinet lighting, gun safe lighting, pantry lighting, under the bed rails lighting.



Output voltage


Delay time

5~25s(2~280 Seconds adjustable)

Light sensor(Black lens)


Light sensor(White lens)


Detecting range

≤ 110 degrees cone angle, 4M-7M(10CM-7M adjustable)

Trigger way

Continuous triggering


48*25*14 mm

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1 review for DC Motion Sensor BS010

  1. 5 out of 5

    Bernard kim

    Can increase delay time to 20 or 30 Minutes?
    I want to turn on our UV light for 20 to 30 minutes after vacancy.

    • Rayzeek

      Hi Bernard,

      It’s possible. Our sales will contact you by email.

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