Light Sensor BS302


The BS302 is a photocell light sensor which is detecting light to work, automatically turning on the lights in darkness and off in daylight. Widely applied on instance road light, garden light etc.

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BS302 Light Sensor Switch

The BS302 is a photocell light sensor switch that detects light to work. It will automatically turn on the lights in the darkness and turn it off in daylight. Widely applied on instances like road light, garden light, etc.
rayzeek bs302 light sensor

Features, Benefits, Specs

The 1-gang single-pole RZ021-5A-N is the ideal replacement and retrofit motion sensor solution for U.S. homeowners. The no neutral required, only ground required design allows the RZ021-5A-G to work perfectly especially for homes and houses that only have a ground wire in their wallbox.
rayzeek bs302 light sensor

Features & Benefits

  • 220V-240VAC Photocell light sensor.
  • Use fireproof material, high security.
  • Ambient light adjustable.
  • Low power, energy saving performance and long operating life
  • CE, RoHS, FCC approved



Power Source


Power Frequency


Rated Current


Ambient Light


Working Temperature


Working Humidity


rz021 occupancy vacanccy sensor switch residential appliction

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